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Christmas is just around the corner and everyone sure is excited for the celebration! Here are some tips you can take note to get ready for Christmas!

  1. Make a list and check it twice! There’s no better way to plan what you’re up to for the Holiday Season than to write it down. Note all of the things you’re planning to purchase, from decorations, your Noche Buena feasts, to  your Christmas presents, everything must be list down.
  2. It’s a spending season! Take advantage of the Holiday season’s red tag bash or better known by term… “SALE! SALE! AND BACK TO BACK SALE!” Most businesses usually offers Christmas promos & bundled items on a discounted price.
  3. Decorate! Give your home a Christmas vibe this Holiday Season. Your decorations doesn’t have to be bought every year, you can refurbish or reuse your pre-loved Christmas decors and stuffs or you can even do it yourself.


  4. Wrap up early! Get your gifts ready at least twice a week before Christmas, to save yourself from stress of last minute shopping and wrapping up. You don’t want Santa Claus to skip your house on the Christmas Eve coz’ you’re still wide awake on the middle of the night wrapping up stuffs.
  5. Set-up the Dining and Kitchen Area! Aside from the living room accommodating guests this Holiday Season, your dining and kitchen area are the probably the busiest place in your house. Plan your menu for the Noche Buena ahead, list down all the cuisines from appetizers to desserts. Don’t forget to clean up and prepare all your kitchen utensils and cookware at least a couple of days before the feast. Give your dining table a touch of Christmas for your guests to enjoy the festive feeling even while having their meals.



  6. Be ready for a Sleepover! Christmas is the season for party lights and sleepless nights, but it’s always better to prepare your bedrooms for guests who would love to stay over the night after a party with tons of foods and lots of booze. Clean up your bedroom stuffs and prepare your bedroom necessities to make your guests comfortable on a planned or even an unplanned sleepover.



  7. Make Memories! Aside from all the decorations, the food in the table and the presents to give and the gifts you receive, Christmas is about making memories with family and loved ones. Share the love with each other and enjoy each moment, play fun games or do an exchange gift. Share the happiness and blessings of the most wonderful time of the year with each other.                                                                           Happy Holidays! 😀

“Parade of the Stars”
Prominence Properties Inc – Agent’s Christmas Party 2016

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year
There’ll be much mistletoeing
And hearts will be glowing
When love ones are near
It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

It’s indeed the most wonderful time of the year, and Prominence Properties Inc. along with it’s Sales-force, rolled-out the red carpet to celebrate the season in a stunning and star studded


last December 8, 2016, Thursday at Les Briques The Venue in Baliuag Bulacan.




It was definitely, without the faintest shadow of a doubt, the biggest gathering of the stars on their signature movie attires.  The agents’ slayed the red carpet with their costumes inspired by famous characters from both national and international renowned movies of all time. From the costumes to the awards night setting, really gave the whole party a glamorous feel.

From the very beginning of the event, the stars already shows-off their modeling skills in the “Parade of the Stars : Mannequin Challenge Accepted”. Lots of prizes were given to the winners of the games, from the twisted “Rainbowrock Ala-Mannequin Challenge” to the Peppero Game and to the hardest game of all time.. the “Bring Me”.


Of course, who would want to miss out one of the most awaited part of every Christmas Parties! The Raffle and special prizes! Hoooraaay!!

The stars who participated in the “Christmas Choir Contest” spreads the Christmas vibe that night as they serenades their fellow stars with various Christmas Songs. The Christmas feeling is everywhere!

The very core of the annual Christmas party is to thank the agents’ for another successful and wonderful year of hard work. It’s also an opportunity for the company to further motivate the agents to reach and even surpass their goals for the upcoming year.

One of the highlights of the party is the awarding of the stars with excellent sales performance for the year 2016. The company awards the Best Performing Salesperson, the Best Performing Agent/Broker Head and the Best Performing Agent/Broker Group who excelled in sales for the year 2016.The recipients of the awards also receives certificates of appreciation, plaque of recognition, cash prize and a relaxing vacation trip.

On the later part of the celebration the winner of the Christmas Choir Competition is awarded, so are the winners of the best in costume who’s undoubtedly the head-turners of the night.

The celebration concluded with a motivational remark from the company president himself.
As another year closes, everyone wishes for a stronger relationship and bond with each other, and an outstanding and remarkable performance for the next years to come.

Happy Holidays!

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Silverdale Residences joins
The Kneeling Carabao Festival – 2016

TIMG_7710he water buffalos locally known in the country as Carabao or commonly referred to as “Kalabaw”, and held as the Philippines’ national animal, is one of the most famous and known animal in terms of agriculture. These animals provide help and labor to farmers to grow rice and other staples.


As a tribute to the farmers’ best partner in the field and to celebrate the feast day of their patron saint, San Isidro Labrador, every year on the month of May, the townspeople of Pulilan in the Province of Bulacan, celebrates this occasion in glorious thanksgiving for a year-long bountiful harvest.



A float parade of beautifully decorated carabaos is a must-see event during the festival. Each floats were decorated with food crops, flowers, fruits and farmers clothing’s such as colorful straw hats or locally known as “salakot”. In the afternoon, the carabaos kneel in the church square for blessing and to pay homage to the town’s patron saint, San Isidro Labrador.


This year, Silverdale Residences joins the festival with a family of three carabaos and a Hayley Home Model-inspired float, decorated with colorful banderitas and crops. It was such a great view, for all the cheering of the crowd and the gleeful smile of the townspeople and tourist made the event even livelier.




The celebration itself showcases not only the rich culture of the town but also their gratitude and thanksgiving for the year-long bountiful harvest and blessing for the upcoming year ahead. Happy Fiesta!!




Silverdale Residences – Shining a Light on Climate Action

“Together, lets change Climate Change” a shared commitment for a lifetime. Prominence Properties Inc. held a Weekend Viewing Day, last March 19, 2016 at Silverdale Residences, located in Baliuag, Bulacan in the Philippines. Originally events like Weekend Viewing Day and Open Houses are used as promotional campaigns, but this time, it has become more meaningful.

As a way to give back to Mother Nature, Silverdale Residences dedicates the event to support “Earth Hour 2016” and shine a light on climate action. The “Earth Hour” is more than just a celebration held every year, it’s an event wherein people in different countries join hands for the sake of saving and restoring the environment. Prominence Properties Inc, encouraged all the attendees to switch off their lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, and lend a hand to support the movement against climate change. All participants shares the value of the event and what a single hour of switching off can do for Mother Earth and future generations.

Aside from encouraging everyone to join in the lights off event in the evening, the participants also extends a helping hand by doing a planting activity. Each and everyone understand the major role played by plants to the preservation of environment and balance of the ecosystem.

Weather can change in just a few hours, but climate takes hundreds to millions of years to change. As the changes in our environment is slowing becoming visible, everyone also must make a move on how to prevent whatever this phenomenon might bring. In line with this Prominence Properties Inc will continuously support the movement to help change climate change.


Jumpstart 2016: Silverdale Residences Open House


In lieu of the celebration of the Year of the Fire Monkey, PROMINENCE PROPERTIES INC. hosted an open house at Silverdale Residences last February 6 to 8,2016, with the theme “Jumpstart 2016”.

The celebration started with an ice breaker games to test out the participants’ luck.

It was then followed by one of the main activities of the event which is the firecrackers lighting. Each of the agent group were to light their own firecrackers as farewell to the year 2015, it is also done to drive away all the bad luck and unfortunate happenings that occurs on the past year and of course also to welcome 2016 itself. Agents and visitors were also given trivia about how the year of the Fire Monkey will go for each of the Chinese Zodiac Sign.



Summer is just a few months away so as a special promotion on the event, buyers may avail of Silverdale Residences’ promo which grants them a BRAND NEW AIRCONDITIONING unit when they reserve on the day of the event. “A new treat for the New Year” goes not only for the buyers but also for the agents.


12698180_933352560093424_7318761380694732608_oOne of the main activities of the event is the opening of the new Agents Office. It formally opens with a ribbon cutting. It was made even special by firecrackers lighting and red balloons where wishes of the agents for the year 2016 is attached were released. The new Agents Office, especially the buyers receiving area is equipped with images and details of what Silverdale Residences has to offer, so that the buyers may have a preview of the village even before tripping in the area itself.


It has been a successful and joyful event, as everyone wishes for a remarkable, bountiful and successful year ahead. Kung Hei Fat Choi!!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Agents’ Christmas Party 2015

12307587_1680042615588150_2932989432810280809_o“You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town.” Actually a lot of them.

It’s been a wonderful night of celebration as PROMINENCE PROPERTIES INC threw a Christmas party for agents with the theme “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” last December 6,2015, held at the Function Hall of 8 waves Waterpark Resort.

The very purpose of the gathering itself was to relay to the agents’ the company’s appreciation and gratitude for their hard work over the previous years. This has also been a perfect opportunity for the company to motivate the agents for the upcoming year ahead.

12291729_1680034958922249_4190050830258680021_oThe event was literally painted red as the agents come in full santa claus and elf costume. The party was even made livelier with a special production number by 8 Waves Dancers and agents participating in the “Dance and Dub Contest”. To hype up the celebration, special prizes were given with raffle draws and fun games.

To further motivate and inspire the agents, the company awards the top sales person, the top agent head and the top performing agent group who have shown remarkable sales performance throughout the year. It was even made special by a surprise vacation trip for the performing agents.

The celebration itself is more than just a party, it’s the company’s way to build and tighten a long lasting relationship with its agents and encourage an outstanding performance for the coming year.

Prominence Properties Inc.
Shares the Love and Joy of Christmas Day


Christmas is the season of sharing love and happiness to everyone, especially to those who are in need. In celebration to the Yuletide season, as they have done in the previous years, Prominence Properties Inc shares the blessing of Christmas, by providing basic goods to the home of malnourished children, the “Bethlehem House of Bread”, which is also known as the Little Baguio of Baliuag, Bulacan.

“Bethlehem House of Bread” is a home that shelters malnourished children, and provides them with not only basic necessities such as food, clothing and education but also gives unconditional care, help and love. The beginning of the institution comes from the act of sharing itself, when a religious lady from Baliuag, Bulacan donated a lot with approximately 3,000sqm to the apostolate missions of Rev. Florentino “Boyet” Conception. It has then transforms into a house that promotes health and wellness to the children in need. A health and feeding program is designed for infants and children twelve years of age, to nurture, restore and maintain their health as they grow. Not only that the children under their care grows physically but also spiritually. They were taught of good manners and the grace and love of God by people who extends a helping hand to them every day.


Prominence Properties Inc. is the developer of Silverdale Residences located at Baliuag, Bulacan and Paseo De San Roque in San Rafael, Bulacan. Being a company that devotes its heart into building homes, Prominence Properties Inc. understands the value of living with a family that supports, protects, care and love one another. In line with this the company commits itself to continuously support and help the “Bethlehem House of Bread” with their mission to share love and care to the children who have a bright future ahead of them.

A Christmas Party for Agents and Brokers

nightbannerProminence Property Development Corp. threw a Christmas party for agents last December 4, 2014. The party theme was “A night with the STARS gala” that was held at the Function hall of 8 Waves Waterpark Resort.


With this event, the company shows its appreciation to agents, letting them know the importance of their hard work and dedication. Moreover, this gathering has been a perfect inspiration for agents to refocus and be motivated for the coming year.


The party started with a production number from the 8 waves Waterpark Dancers. A short video of Prominence Property Development Corp. was presented showing the company’s milestone starting with the Paseo de San Roque project up to the latest project which is Silverdale Residences located at Baliuag, Bulacan.


Prominence Property Development Corp.
gives back to the children of Bulacan

getbackimg2In line with celebrating the Christmas season, Prominence Property Development Corporation provided basic goods to the home of malnourished children at Little Baguio, Baliuag, Bulacan last December 11, 2014.


“Bethlehem House of Bread” is a house that was set up for poor, malnourished children. The organization started in 1985 when a religious lady from Baliuag, Bulacan donated a 3,000 sqm lot to the apostolate missions of Rev. Florentino “Boyet” Conception. This led to the transformation of the lot to a nutrition center where malnourished children from infants to twelve years of age will undergo a feeding and health program designed to bring them to normal health, additionally giving them basic education. As of today, the “Bethlehem House of Bread” adopted 80 children left by their parents to feed and protect.


This activity by Prominence Property Development Corporation is a form of helping the community to further improve the lives of people especially the underprivileged children who need constant support. The company is committed to regularly aid and support the “Bethlehem House of Bread” in their mission to continuously improve the health and welfare of the children living with them.


Prominence Property Development Corporation is the developer of Paseo de San Roque at San Rafael, Bulacan and also Silverdale Residences located at Baliuag, Bulacan that launched the Hayley Home Model last July 19, 2014.