Prominence Properties Incorporated

Jumpstart 2016: Silverdale Residences Open House


In lieu of the celebration of the Year of the Fire Monkey, PROMINENCE PROPERTIES INC. hosted an open house at Silverdale Residences last February 6 to 8,2016, with the theme “Jumpstart 2016”.

The celebration started with an ice breaker games to test out the participants’ luck.

It was then followed by one of the main activities of the event which is the firecrackers lighting. Each of the agent group were to light their own firecrackers as farewell to the year 2015, it is also done to drive away all the bad luck and unfortunate happenings that occurs on the past year and of course also to welcome 2016 itself. Agents and visitors were also given trivia about how the year of the Fire Monkey will go for each of the Chinese Zodiac Sign.



Summer is just a few months away so as a special promotion on the event, buyers may avail of Silverdale Residences’ promo which grants them a BRAND NEW AIRCONDITIONING unit when they reserve on the day of the event. “A new treat for the New Year” goes not only for the buyers but also for the agents.


12698180_933352560093424_7318761380694732608_oOne of the main activities of the event is the opening of the new Agents Office. It formally opens with a ribbon cutting. It was made even special by firecrackers lighting and red balloons where wishes of the agents for the year 2016 is attached were released. The new Agents Office, especially the buyers receiving area is equipped with images and details of what Silverdale Residences has to offer, so that the buyers may have a preview of the village even before tripping in the area itself.


It has been a successful and joyful event, as everyone wishes for a remarkable, bountiful and successful year ahead. Kung Hei Fat Choi!!