Prominence Properties Incorporated

Prominence Properties Inc.
Shares the Love and Joy of Christmas Day


Christmas is the season of sharing love and happiness to everyone, especially to those who are in need. In celebration to the Yuletide season, as they have done in the previous years, Prominence Properties Inc shares the blessing of Christmas, by providing basic goods to the home of malnourished children, the “Bethlehem House of Bread”, which is also known as the Little Baguio of Baliuag, Bulacan.

“Bethlehem House of Bread” is a home that shelters malnourished children, and provides them with not only basic necessities such as food, clothing and education but also gives unconditional care, help and love. The beginning of the institution comes from the act of sharing itself, when a religious lady from Baliuag, Bulacan donated a lot with approximately 3,000sqm to the apostolate missions of Rev. Florentino “Boyet” Conception. It has then transforms into a house that promotes health and wellness to the children in need. A health and feeding program is designed for infants and children twelve years of age, to nurture, restore and maintain their health as they grow. Not only that the children under their care grows physically but also spiritually. They were taught of good manners and the grace and love of God by people who extends a helping hand to them every day.


Prominence Properties Inc. is the developer of Silverdale Residences located at Baliuag, Bulacan and Paseo De San Roque in San Rafael, Bulacan. Being a company that devotes its heart into building homes, Prominence Properties Inc. understands the value of living with a family that supports, protects, care and love one another. In line with this the company commits itself to continuously support and help the “Bethlehem House of Bread” with their mission to share love and care to the children who have a bright future ahead of them.