Prominence Properties Incorporated

Silverdale Residences – Shining a Light on Climate Action

“Together, lets change Climate Change” a shared commitment for a lifetime. Prominence Properties Inc. held a Weekend Viewing Day, last March 19, 2016 at Silverdale Residences, located in Baliuag, Bulacan in the Philippines. Originally events like Weekend Viewing Day and Open Houses are used as promotional campaigns, but this time, it has become more meaningful.

As a way to give back to Mother Nature, Silverdale Residences dedicates the event to support “Earth Hour 2016” and shine a light on climate action. The “Earth Hour” is more than just a celebration held every year, it’s an event wherein people in different countries join hands for the sake of saving and restoring the environment. Prominence Properties Inc, encouraged all the attendees to switch off their lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, and lend a hand to support the movement against climate change. All participants shares the value of the event and what a single hour of switching off can do for Mother Earth and future generations.

Aside from encouraging everyone to join in the lights off event in the evening, the participants also extends a helping hand by doing a planting activity. Each and everyone understand the major role played by plants to the preservation of environment and balance of the ecosystem.

Weather can change in just a few hours, but climate takes hundreds to millions of years to change. As the changes in our environment is slowing becoming visible, everyone also must make a move on how to prevent whatever this phenomenon might bring. In line with this Prominence Properties Inc will continuously support the movement to help change climate change.